AT Program Resources

Resources pertinent to AT Programs include:

  • The CATADA Google Group used for project announcements and communications
  • Access to the CATADA Annual Report Tool (Login required)
  • Materials presented at conferences and other professional meetings
  • National Assistive Technology Act Data System (NATADS)
    NATADS is a web-based database application used to store the records of activities performed by State AT Programs and generate the Annual Progress Report. State AT Programs have the option to allow regions/partners to utilize the NATADS system in order to have a central tracking system for easy aggregate reporting. NATADS can optionally be used as a client/inventory tracking system allowing State AT Programs to associate clients and inventory to the various records collected throughout the system. No sensitive client information is stored and State AT Programs can opt to keep client information private for each region/partner. Additionally, State AT Programs can create User Defined Fields within the system to store additional data not required by the Annual Progress Report and query/report on those additional fields. For more information about this system please contact Vance Dhooge at

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