Federal Reporting Forms

Instruction Manual for the State AT APR OMB Approved Dec 2017

State Grant for AT Annual Progress Report (APR) OMB approved Dec 2017

State Plan and Instructions 2018-20

Changes to the Annual Progress Report 2017-19

ATAP/CATADA February 2016 Conference Materials

Program Structure: Things to Consider; PowerPoint Presentation

Data Update: FY 2015

Slides on how to create a quality anecdote. Developed by PIAT to help explain the critical component of a quality anecdote, these slides include a quiz format that provides examples of stories with good content and narratives that are not complete or quality anecdotes. Modify these slides to best meet your needs.

Data Training & Technical Assistance Materials and Events

FY 2018 APR Data Entry Webinar - September 26, 2018

NATADS day-to-day changes webinar - October 1, 2018

FY 2017 APR Data Entry Webinar

State Plan Entry (video recording of April 2016 webinar)

CATADA Data Entry TA Call Recording from 11/2/16


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