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State and Territory Assistive Technology Programs focus on improving the provision of Assistive Technology (AT) through comprehensive, statewide programs that are consumer responsive. The goal of these programs is to increase access to and acquisition of AT. Programs serve people with all
 types of disabilities, of all ages, in all environments.
Assistive technology devices are items, pieces of equipment, or product systems that are used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. AT’s primary purpose areas are education, community living, employment and IT.           




woman in wheelchair using computerIT & Telecommunications

This includes computers, software, websites, telephones, office equipment, and media. With the appropriate AT devices, individuals with disabilities can access information more easily.

This 86-year-old tech-savvy individual became even more tech-savvy after getting help from the Wyoming AT Program. Read Leland's story.

Girl walking with caneCommunity Living

AT helps individuals to carry out daily activities, participate in community activities, use community services, or live independently.

"Without the equipment... I would be stuck in bed every day. Now I can be the teenager I was meant to be." - Missouri AT Program was able to help this teenager. Learn more!

Girl in classEducation

AT enables individuals to participate in any type of educational program, whether it is to attend school or access the local library.

Read more about how Pennsylvania’s AT Program helped a college student with vision loss:  Lizzy’s story.

Construction worker in wheelchairEmployment

AT can serve an instrumental role in improving employment outcomes of people with disabilities. It can aid individuals in hiring, employment, retention and career advancement; participating in an employment training, vocational rehabilitation, or other programs related to employment.

Maryland's AT Program helped Adam be more successful at this job! Learn more about Adam's story.

 Latest CATADA Publication

A National Data Summary of State Assistive Technology Programs: Fiscal Year 2017

AT ACT Data Brief. Issue No. 10 - 2018

This brief gives an overview of State Assistive Technology Programs across the country. Using FY 2017 data, it highlights the financial and programmatic aspects of AT, and shares success stories of satisfied AT customers across the nation.

View the AT Act Data Brief as an accessible PDF.




*All the data included on is based on data submitted in the State Grant for Assistive Technology Annual Progress Report (APR) as submitted annually to ACL.

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